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Welcome to Closeburn Rural Fire Brigade

Closeburn Rural Fire Brigade is a volunteer unit operating under the auspices of Queensland Fire & Rescue.

The Rural Fire Service is an integral part of Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, with a proud history spanning over 60 years. The Rural Fire Service provides fire management for rural and semi-rural communities (outside urban fire levy areas) across approximately 93% of the area of the State. Services include fire mitigation, prescribed burning, volunteer training, community awareness and education. Volunteers are not paid.

Closeburn Rural Fire Brigade is a community based, volunteer Brigade. Formed on the 18th February 1967 to fill a need for a local response by the Landholders & Farmers of the District, Closeburn has a strong history of supporting the community & responding in times of need to inter & intra State deployments.


Our crew are made up of members of the local community & surrounding areas & they donate their time to ensure that the Closeburn/Cedar Creek area has a dedicated fire response service. We respond to fire, flood & road traffic incidents as well as carrying out bushfire mitigation planning & planned hazard reduction activities.


Furthermore we also provide community education in the form of VCE ( Volunteer Community Educator) visits & displays, School & Kindy visits, Safe Home & Prepare, Act, Survive presentations to ensure the surrounding community has greater knowledge & therefore a safer environment.



Our Members come from all walks of life & their day to day jobs are as varied as their ages, but the one thing they all have in common is a desire to serve & protect their local area.

Our aim, like that of other Rural Fire Brigades is to provide protection of life and property through:

reducing the risk of wildfire; managing the use of fire for hazard reduction or land management purposes;


Closeburn Rural Fire Brigade meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm & Training is every other Tuesday.

In case of an emergency dial 000